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The end of the world.

Miljöpartiet, Socialdemokraterna, Folkpartiet, Krisdemokraterna, Moderaterna, Centerpartiet, Vänsterpartiet, what should I chose?

My thoughts spin around in my head in 100 km/h. What if I choose wrong? What if Sweden goes under? Everyone maybe dies. What should I do?

I look at my watch. I notice that it's just one hour left before they close the voting and I don't know which party I want to vote for. Maybe I can skip to vote this year. But what will happened then?
Then the wrong party will win and we will die of the global warming because the winning party don't care about it.
No, I have to vote.

But which part is right and which's wrong? There's so many.
No, now I'm silly. Of course we will not die if I don't vote, but what if. You'll never know. I don’t even know what all parties stands for, why didn't I read what they wanted? I'm so stupid. Everything is on me now, if I vote wrong the hole world is gonna die.

I start to sweat, I have never felt so nervous before. What if I vote wrong?
Before I got eighteen I always looked at tv and followed all the parties, but now when I'm eighteen I don't know what I'll vote for. I knew what all the parties wanted for not less than two weeks ago. Rebecca think, think, think. I don't understand anything. It feels like I'll been in some kind of accident, I don’t remember anything. The only thing I can think about is how the mankind is gonna die, because of me.

What was it that the Vänsterpartiet wanted? Did they want the human to stand in the centre or was that what the Moderaterna wanted , or maybe it was the Kristdemokraterna. Oh my god, what should I do, what should I do.
No, now I have to decide. It's only forty five minutes left before they close the voting. I just have to go and decide when I’m there.

But, where is my voting card? It cant be gone. Where did I put it? I haven't lost it, because it was on the table this morning. Where did I put it then? Wait, maybe it fell down under the table.
No, it's not there. Please voting card where are you, I really need you now.
Wait, there it is on the hall table. Thank goodness.

The panic rise even more when I rush to the bus. When I'm on the bus my thoughts spin around so fast that I can't understand what I’m thinking. Now it's only thirty five minutes left. All of a sudden I wake up from my thoughts because of some strange voice.

"Excuse me, there's some technical problems with the bus. But don't worry, soon we're keep going."

Noooooooooooo, it can't be true. Not today and not now.
After five minutes ,and the bus still standing still, I can see my mum and dad's car drive by. I stand up quickly, take my things and rush out.
All though I had a little luck, because I saw there car and my mum saw me wave in the mirror.

My mum stopped the car and I ran to her.
I jumped in and we turned out to the big road. But what the XXXX? Where are we going? This is not the way to the voting local?
The panic rase as fast as I was thinking, what should happened if I didn't vote. All of a sudden we stopped at a gas station.
This can't be true, it just can't. I gonna miss the voting.
I jumped out of the car and ran as fast as I could to the nearest voting local.

All of a sudden it all went dark. I had tripped.
I was going to miss the voting and the whole world was going under.
Because of me.

Skrivet av Annabm, 2006-11-29 08:53


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