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oh well, I have started blogging again!
you may say what you will, about me!
for I comes write about,
how I feel and how I feel me!!
after the life I live!

I want to be, a little girl again!
There was so much better then!
It was loved by all,
we had no problems at all,
all the problems came when
became a teenager!
and it is apparently getting worse and worse!

Skrivet av Bellis-95, 2012-01-06

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I have it hard enough, with my friends and specially with my family ..
so do me a BIG Skanste that
Accept me for who I am!
and find out the facts, if you would hear reach shit talking, within other peoples!

My life is already in hell,
have a mother that hates me for something I did not even!
have people who threaten me .. though they I do not care about!

the only thing I really feel really bad about is all that left me with the years those who stood closest to me!

as my little brother who died in my arms when I was 4 years old! (1999)

My great-grandfather who died from the disease that he had! (2007)

My beloved grandmother, she was also my best friend <3 died (11 February 2008)

My beloved and best friend Simon Geatani!
who died at the age of 15, he was found hanging in his room: '(it (January 17, 2010)

Miss them all like crazy!
wish every day, just to get back the time with them again! or come to them and soar among

Skrivet av Bellis-95, 2012-01-06

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