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One cold wind take her consciousness to reality for one moment there she sat at the beach with a woollen rug wind close round the body. She cairn to near that look himself into under the cap and further down to the neck. She gazed out to the snowcover watersurface as conceal a thick layer with ice under myself. everything was peaceful, apart from the wind was cold around. She stretch her hands after thermos with hot chocolate and pour with harrowing hand up little chocolate in a cup. Then transport she the hot chocolate to her mouth and smell warmth follow right to down to stomach. The cold winter had come for four weeks and then had stay for this winter.
She remember christmas day without snow, and she has been so disappointed.
She remember christmas day without snow, and she has been so disappointed.
She drank up last glup with chocolate and tighten the plaid close oneself again.
She breathe the fresh air and lungs cold down.
The best she know was at only be seated out in nature and feel the calm, And silence. No cars, no persons, no nagging about ditt and datt.
She sat ther and think about her life.
She stood up and thought

Maybe it's to go in now

She wakes up the next day and
she storke her hair out of her face when she saw the suns shone trough the “persiennerna”
it did the life little more to live for. After that blabla happen last week couldn't she see more light then the smallest possible.
Hers conscious look always his lips, his wonderful hair, his bubbling eyes and his for ever smile. How could she few out that pictures?
on one way she still wanted them there, she loves them.
But in the same time she wanted it to disepear, it prank all her memory, all her life characterize of them.
That come stage past buoyant now and then. As when that have meet for the first time, his unbelievable smile.
Like the day when they hade sleppt in a tent by the beach and hade a wonterfull time together. That was the end now he had moved on
they had cried in their arms, and kissed eachother goodbye. They would never see eachother again like they used to.
His parents have say goodbye and so have that go to the airport.
That airport as would take my lifes lover to the other side Atlanten, to USA.
The tears begin started forward again and she sob. What can the make up now?
He had sure fix his new room in their new house, and he had sure already find new friends.
He was the such, hers Anders, He got all to listening, all to see up and think wow.
Himself lay she alone in hers bad and cry quiet. She stroke the tears out hers face and dry “handflatan” on the pillow.
She had certainly herself too go up and eat little breakfast in all fall.

Skrivet av Carlsson, 2006-12-03 22:54

visste inte hur jag skulle sluta :P slutet kommer nån gång när jag kommer på det :D

Skrivet av Carlsson, 2006-12-04 15:20


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