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English B - Bookjournal - Ham on rye - P. 179-216

Character quotation

"I had a good body. But nobody would notice that. I had a good chest and great legs but nobody would see that. (Page 179)

Henry Jr now is at the beach. He got his acne covering his back and chest. Everybody just saw his spots and boils although he was well built with a great body. This acne problem of his is a major problem.

Environment quotation

We were the Blues. Crawling through those bushes was pure hell. It was hot. There were bugs, dust, rocks, thorns. I didn't know were I was. (Page 189)

In their school they got a group called ROTC and can be compared to the Swedish FBU. In ROTC they practice war for an example. As a member Henry Jr participate in the training and thinks it's pure hell as the quotation says.

// Skriven 06-04-13 kl 12.12

Skrivet av DanielOlofsson, 2006-04-13 12:12

CQ:But what do you think about this problem he's got at the beach?


Skrivet av martinjohansson, 2006-04-18 18:54

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