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English B - Bookjournal - Ham on rye - P. 253-286

Character quotation

"I had no Freedom. I had nothing. With Hitler around, maybe I'd even get a piece of ass now and then and more then a dollar a week allowance. As far as I could rationalize, I had nothing to protect." (Page 262)

Almost everybody is anti-Nazi in school, in public and in America. But Henry Jr questions everything all the time; he never goes with the flow. After he went to a Nazi-meeting he found out that he didn't belong there and also that he weren't a Nazi.

Environment quotation

"Everything was eternally dreary, dismal, damned. Even the weather was insolent and bitchy. It was either unbearably hot for weeks on end, or it rained, and when it rained it rained for five or six days." (Page 271)

I think it's interesting to get a view of how the weather's like where Henry Jr lives. Although he probably exaggerate a lot, considering his state of mind while expressing his feelings.

// Skriven 06-04-13 kl 00.02

Skrivet av DanielOlofsson, 2006-04-14 00:02

"...probably exaggerate a lot,..." -Vb

"...of mind while expressing..."-Ord

Skrivet av martinjohansson, 2006-05-03 08:38

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