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English B - Bookjournal - Ham on rye - P. 36-50

Henry Jr is feeling a bit depressed because his father taught him a lesson when he came home from school after beating that boy up.
He gets the feeling that these people aren't his parents, he must be adopted.
Lila Jane is a girl who lives next door to Henry Jr. But Henry Jr isn't allowed to play with the children in the neighbourhood, so he often gets bored.
One day Lila Jane came to the fence and started talking to Henry Jr. She did this every afternoon for a several days, and every time she lifted her dress and showed him her panties. Of course Henry Jr got excited and watched her panties with joy.
Suddenly Lila Jane wanted to go for a walk, and so they did. When they came to a vacant lot Henry Jr started kissing her and grabbing her behind. Henry Jr now wanted to do it, even though he didn't really realise what it meant. Lila Jane were worried that some men further down the street would see them, so she didn't want to do it. Henry Jr got very disappointed and started walk home alone.
Later on that afternoon a big boy, one year older then Henry Jr or so, walked into their yard.
After arguing for a long time, the big boy throws the first punch towards Henry Jr face, and so the fight has started. Henry Jr was scared, but there were nothing he could do but keep on punching.
At Physical Education Henry Jr first didn't participate because he wasn't allowed to play baseball with the bigger boys, even though he was good enough. But this didn't let Henry Jr down. Somehow he knew that he developed into a player.
Henry is a milkman. One day he drove around, collecting money from those who owe him. Henry had an affair with one of them, Edna was her name.
Katherine, Henry's wife caught them in action after sneaking up on Henry on his milk route.
Henry became very angry and started hurting Katherine while Henry Jr heard all the crying and screaming. You can just imagine the pain and sorrow Henry Jr must have felt.

I was surprised, a big guy like him crying like that. At Delsey we had a code. We never made a sound. Even the sissies took their beatings silently. Those guys from Marmount weren't much. (Page 42)

This is pretty much explaining how Henry Jr is raised and lives his life.
He is experiencing a lot of difficulties all the time and never has he expressed how he feels inside.
Even when he is having good times he doesn't say or show that he is happy, he just keeps the feelings as thoughts.
Much of this sure has to do with how he is raised. They live in a poor neighbourhood and his father is a bad man. But it seems like Henry Jr is a cold man in a cold world.
However, I think this quotation explains a lot of Henry Jr situation right now.

//Skriven 06-03-20 kl 18:11

Skrivet av DanielOlofsson, 2006-03-20 18:11


C.D.: Interesting and well written. Could be made shorter and more focused on the general character problems next time you write here, though

Q: Good explanation


Skrivet av martinjohansson, 2006-03-22 17:12

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