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English B - Bookjournal - Ham on rye - P. 66-82

Henry Jr is happy because he got a friend named Frank who used to be with the "tough guys".
And he's also happy because the latest weeks he has been allowed playing football with these kids.

Henry became vary mad when he caught he's son playing ball, so he let Henry Jr mow the lawn. Henry Jr became very sad because it was a Saturday and all the other children were playing football except him.

After hours of mowing Henry Jr decided that he was finished, so Henry started inspecting the lawn for hairs... he found two. Henry took his son to the bathroom where he hit him on the ass with a razor strop. While Henry Jr felt pain he were also confused, he couldn't understand why he got beaten when he did such a good and long job.

Frank and Henry Jr went to an air show by hitch-hiking. The man they lifted with seemed to like children, and not in a good way.
As soon as they got out of the car they ran in to the air show area, terrified to death.

At the end of the air show they had a parachute contest.
There was one of the jumper's parachutes who just partially opened. When he hit the ground he bounced up a bit, but then he laid still.
This made Henry Jr feel a bit sick even though it was quite exciting.

"Maybe you boys would rather go swimming, said Daniel.
No, said Frank, we want to see the air show.
Swimming's more fun. We can race each other. I know a place where we can be alone. I'd never go under the pier.
We want to go to the air show, said Frank.
All right, said Daniel, we'll go to the air show." (Page 78)

It's pretty obvious why this is important, isn't it? His name's Daniel!!
This Daniel is the driver of the car which is taking them to the air show.
But there is a detail that you as a reader notice while reading. And that's the dialogs that constantly return in the text. They are yet funny but yet very sad when you think about the message given.

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Skrivet av DanielOlofsson, 2006-03-28 23:49

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