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English B - Bookjournal - Ham on rye - P. 83-116

Character quotation

"The 5th grade was a little better. The other students seemed less hostile and I was growing larger physically. I still wasn't chosen for the homeroom teams but I was threatened less." (Page 83)

This quotation speaks pretty much for how he is feeling about life.
Things are starting to feel better and getting better in general. The kids in school are showing him more respect and treat him better although it could be better in many kinds of ways.

Environment quotation

"We went down into a cellar, under the house. It was dark and damp and we stood a while until our eyes grew used to the gloom. Then I could see a number of barrels." (Page 100)

Henry Jr has been led into a friend's cellar where there is alot of wine barrels.
This quotation can also be used in Henry Jr's life. At first it all seemed dark and like there were no way out. But after a while he could distinguish good things in a bad environment.

// Skriven 06-04-10 kl 00:36

Skrivet av DanielOlofsson, 2006-04-10 00:36

Env.quote: Good comparison between environment and Henry's life! That's the way I want you to think. Sometimes you find and sometimes you don't, but the important thing is to bear these things in mind.


Skrivet av martinjohansson, 2006-04-18 18:44

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