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cicatrix manet - The scar remains

Beneath a whisper

Clear like crystal, sheer like silk, the feeling your presence bring. Thou far away, thou fleeting, no denying the sheerness of silk

A moment thou passing, true honesty entails. A whisper without substance, gossip about the beauty ahead.

How come I stopped believing, never realizing I was far away. Not far away from believing that love was buried and dead.

Clear like crystal, sheer like silk. The faith once again begins o grow. You whisper thou I hear It cleary,the message lies below. Beneath the whisper theres no denying. No denying the sheerness of silk.


Skrivet av FadingObsession, 2008-01-04 23:05


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Vad heter Pippis författare i förnamn (stor första bokstav)?