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So I sat in my bed last night and wrote a long text about how my last week has been. As you might understand from the header it could have been better. Then I proof read half of it and changed my position or something so that I pressed some button by mistake. The text went missing and will most likely not ever come back.

So here is the short version:
This week has been terrible but now I will start up with a fresh Tuesday and put all the crap behind me and not be sulky or sad or confused anymore. Tuta o kör! (=Honk and drive...)

I guess the other text had a bit more substance but the most important for me is that I wrote it and then I agree it is a bit sad you can't read it. But it sure does me good to write things down and get them out of the system...

Hasta la vista!

Skrivet av Gittan, 2008-04-15

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So now it is all decided. Prinsen got quite a good offer and we are moving to China. I will stay here in my little alpine village more than four months from now and Prinsen might stay two or three.

Prinsen feels like he's won the lottery. He doesn't care about the money as long as it pays for him and me (in my new life as a desperate housewife...) and an ok apartment. I am the one who forced him to ask for more salary during the negotiation! Prinsen was just happy to go to China but I told him to ask for more salary which he did and which he also got. :o) So then I will consider the extra money he got as my spending money...!

I am probably not just as overwhelmed as Prinsen. Maybe because I will most likely resign without having a new position, which is always scary. In addition, I've spent two days in Singapore (plus some airport visits in Hong Kong and Singapore) and that is my only contact with Asia. I will start studying mandarin and chinese culture pronto! Also, I think I've always been the one...

Skrivet av Gittan, 2008-04-03

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Prinsen resigned a couple of months ago and will quit the company where we both work in a month. Last week he happened to mention that he wouldn’t mind working in Asia and Vips! He was offered a position in Asia. And of course they will try to offer me a position there too, cos if I don’t get a job Prinsen won’t go.

1. Cool that Prinsen is so appreciated for his work!
2. I’m envious: Why wasn’t it me?
3. Whatever, if I free ride on my husband that won’t be visible on my CV in the end.

So at this point we’re networking big time in Asia to try to find me a job in either Hong Kong or Shanghai. Prinsen will be able to get a job in either of the huge Chinese cities.

So two things could happen: I will either get a job or not. If I do, we will move to that city. If I don’t I will be the reason to why Prinsen can not take the position in Asia and we won’t be moving there.

Sure I’m happy for Prinsen and yes I would actually really like to move to Asia. Personal reasons/work...

Skrivet av Gittan, 2008-04-02

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So now that I know why I write a blogg I need to catch up on my writing. Here is top-six of what happened lately:

After two and a half weeks of cold and nice weather but no snow, the snow finally started falling on Tuesday and the whole day Wednesday. Waking up Wednesday we had snow in our garden and big snow flakes fell outside of the office window the whole morning. The decision was easy: Hank and I and Hank's new flatmate, let's call him James, sweet talked our bosses and took Thursday off. We went to a little place, H, as we know the bigger resorts with lots of season ski bums would be jam packed. Our decision was one od the most intelligent ones, it showed! We also hi jacked my cousin and off we went! It was amazing!!! Our own snow the whole day, lot's of nice off pist that we shared with three other people in the resort. Bright sunshine and good company! What more is there to ask for?

Cousin started just before me in a slope that looked nice and open and with no...

Skrivet av Gittan, 2008-03-09

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I've had a little break in my writing. I've had a blogg-crisis. Why do I write a blogg?

- Only for my self to get rid of some skrivkramp and instead of writing a diary?
- For the people I know who are reading this blogg?
- For the people I don't know who are reading this blogg? (You can get stats on which of the texts have been read the most etcetera.)
- In order to make a difference?

I have a few comments before I can draw any conclusion:

1. I read that women who write/read bloggs are mostly interested in reading about fashion and style whereas for guys it was more current issues/politics. WHY is that the case? Is it based on men's/women's/society's expectation of how a man/woman should be? Girls pretty - guys smart? That's so sad! Then again, it is kind of true: in order for a man to be successful in business he needs to be smart and have sharp elbows. For a woman she needs to be smart and beautiful. Just look at Helen Falkenstam (SEB), Louise Julian (EF) or the Swedish Future Woman Leader...

Skrivet av Gittan, 2008-03-09

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Very early morning on the train to go the two hours to Another nice skiresort (call it A). Sunshine but it hasn't snowed since almost two weeks so expectations were quite low. I don't mind the sun, but honestly the snow is so much more important for a good ski day!

I can't explain why PuderGittan likes skiing so much. But as soon as I even get my skiing clothes on it makes me happy! I've gotten used to wearing high heals and jackets and corporate looking stuff at work. It is easier now than when I started - but I really miss wearing what I like and what I feel comfortable in. (I work at one of those places with quite a strict dress code...) It is no use to buy a really cool hoodie cos I will only have time to use it on the weekends - and then I would wear my ski clothes anyway. :o) I think it has something to do with the fact that I still don't consider myself so corporate - I wonder if I ever will. If I could decide, I would just ski forever and ever and maybe climb a mountain or two and go...

Skrivet av Gittan, 2008-02-19

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I celebrated Valentine’s day by giving small heart shaped chocolates to all my friends and colleagues at work. That’s all I’ve seen of Valentine’s day.

Oh, actually one more thing. Vanessa was so depressed she cried at work, Hank is so depressed he’s not going out tonight. (Or he’s just humping an au pair? Never mind.) Another colleague didn’t want to go out tonight either as she didn’t want to be a bad company being all moody and down as she was. I am not good at reading people and their moods but this was quite obvious. Three friends really down on the same day. I totally blame Valentine’s day.

What it is good for? The flower shops? The store owners who sell little corny teddy bears that have a sign which says I love you? At least it seems quite clear that it is not for “jemene man”. There are two scenarios: You have a partner or you don’t. If you have a partner chances are quite high that the partner doesn’t do anything at all which would make you sad and you’d feel a bit forgotten....

Skrivet av Gittan, 2008-02-14

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I sing in a choir. I suck. It's strange but since I last sang in one (which was approx seven years ago), I must have become tone deaf. Sometimes I feel that I should stop it and let them get rid of me. But I'm too stubborn – if I stop it would be like admitting I can't sing. I know that I could sing before and I probably just need to give me some time. So I won't leave before they kick me out. Or until I've come back to singing – and when I have, then I could quit or continue just as I like… I think it is my four and a half years of studies (read: snapsvisor/schnaps songs) that killed my voice. When you just sing as a reason to drink schnapps it is not so important to pick the correct tones.

It is difficult to be bad at something (difficult as in hard-to-keep-the-spirit-up.) It must be so hard on those kids who feel the same in school as I do for my choir. You don't keep up and you need to work double as hard as everyone else just in order to keep on the same level as them. Not to excel – just to...

Skrivet av Gittan, 2008-02-13

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