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Hey, here Iam I were lost for a while but now Iam found. School is soon out and I have longed for it for so long. Finally. I have one lesson left and then its only fun fun fun and party party party and be with friends and turning 18 and bollnasfestivalen so much fun and to relax. I love summer 10 weeks of doing whatever I want. This week will be fun.. first tomorrow we have a classday on långnäs we are supposed to barbeque and play and have fun to about 1900. It will be fun. on wednesday we are free from school then Iam going to Järvsö to fish and swim and ride in a boat with a friend, thursday I only have one lesson Math for 20 minutes seams kind of waste of time, starts 20 to 11 and ends 11. Then I might go and watch the students... next year its my turn. then it is party all werekend.

I were dancing on friday night, I can say that my toes are aching because a few peolpe were stomping their foot at my toes.. it hurts.. *angry*. still.

Bye bye for now

Skrivet av Johannasvensk, 2007-06-04

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Here I am again, it was a while a go now, sitting here writing about my life. Well I still love myself but right now I dont like my face, probably because I have my period and a small headache, I hope it pass.

I have written over 1500 words on my extended essay, I am so proud of myself, The whole EE should be about 2500 words so I go some more to write but I will make it too.

On wednesday the 9th of may I will play teater, a play that we havent practise to so much but it will be ok anyway, We will practise ourselfs to death in the beginning of the week.

I have a few mock exames left to do:
* Biology
and philosophy is a question mark?

In english I had aprox. a 5 , In swedish I had about a 5 too I think.. in teater I dont know but I hope it went Ok.

I had math test before the long weekend and i got about a 5 there too. hehe I got 5s everywere.

Its only a few weeks left before the summerhollidays I need it soo much... i cant wait for it to come... God I will sleep so...

Skrivet av Johannasvensk, 2007-05-03

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Thats a good question right?
How am I? Really how do I feel?
I am gonna tell you...
I feel damn great, I feel fine... and the funniest thing is that it feels like I am in love with someone but I am not, I am in love but not IN love with somone I am just in love with nothing... I just have a feeling.. which I like though. I know this is sounding very strange and not very realistic but this is how I feel...!!??
I dont know whats going into me but I love romanic comedys more than a good scary movie I love the feeling you get and all the hot guys that are soo cute!!.... God I am turning into a forteenyearold girl.... My gosh... I scare myself real bad.... and the worst part is that I like it.... I like the feeling of being in love and as I said its strange because I dont have feelings for a specail someone I just have the feeling.. I really hope Natalie is coming back soon so I can talk with her about all this... and by the way I love her.. and everybody else... gosh I have became a loving freak... but I...

Skrivet av Johannasvensk, 2007-04-09

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In school its a lot all of the time I think, but I live with it...
The play in theater is coming closer we have changed date though, now its 9th of may and 10th of may instead. And we are going to be at Teaterverkstan and maybe in the esebly hall in school. Its going to be fun to do this play. I have done my WL1 so thats done now. We are reading Aprilhäxan in swedish, its a very good book. We have Gunnar in philosophy and its a lot different than with caroline I miss her.. she had everything under control and did resonably things and not just sit down and talk. We havnt write anything in philosophy in weeks. we usually get something to write... I miss her...
Had biology test yesterday and I passed, I am so proud over my self..
Today I have got "Förvandlingen" and I got surprised it was less than a houndered pages. :)

Spare time
On the spare time I have had my singing lessons and swum. Other things is salsa I had the last lesson on monday I was real fun, I got...

Skrivet av Johannasvensk, 2007-04-05

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Well I have a lot to do these days and it will be more stuff to do.
First I have a extended essay to write then I have a WL1 to write, I have 3 books at this time to read and a test in biology next week. Its a lot of things and its other ordinary school things too. and soon we have to practise our play in theater art and that will take up a lot of time. We also have mock exam comming. Well I did our presentaion last week and I got the result today. I got 10 out of 20, If I would have beneath 10 I would have to do it again. Now I am in the middle 12 and up are good. So I dont have to do it again I am so happy.. Yeah. *Happy jump*

I will continue I will not surrender I will make it, I wont surrender I will get a diploma, I will no matter what!! *decided*
I had photo today it went ok I think I looked quite good.

We are watching a film in english called V for vendetta, its a very good film me like it mucho.
Need to see it again sometime.

Other things in...

Skrivet av Johannasvensk, 2007-03-22

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What about mee?

Well you probably know how it feels almost all your friends move or have boyfriends. I would want one to, someone to dance with , someone to spend mostly of your spare time with someone to love. I want you hope you want mee too...

I feel like dancing I want to dance, go out and just dance and wait for the right guy...

I love mee...

Skrivet av Johannasvensk, 2007-03-09

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  1. MUSIC!!!!

  1. to dance

  1. to act

  1. to be with friends

  1. to recieve goals

  1. My friends

  1. My family

  1. My cousins

  1. My grandma

  1. MEEEE!!!

Skrivet av Johannasvensk, 2007-03-08

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What have happen since last time ?

The jobintervju
Well, The jobintervju wasnt so hard, nothing to be worried about really, but I didnt get the job ,I am quite released in fact, now I dont need to worry about working.

Well school then, school have been good I have studied one time together with Mickis on tuesday. But we need to change our presentation a bit more thoughts and analysing and comparing. I did my oral presentation in english today I went really good, I wasnt nervous at all I just did it and it went well even if I hadnt practice so much, but thats good. We have started with a play at teather arts, its going to soo fun. Sanna might come down and visit then and watch, hope she do that. We have changed the place on the teather arts lessons, instead of having one on wednesday we are going to have one on Monday which means that I will quit school at 12:10 on wednesday which is a lot fun. And I have changed my singing lesson too so it fit. so instead...

Skrivet av Johannasvensk, 2007-03-08

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