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Belive me in

And love, is not an easy thing, the only package you can bring, it's all that you can't leave behind//Bono

Im Unsure... About love, i taught that i did'nt love him anymore.
And i think i was wrong. I hate myself... Because i love him... I dont want to... But i cant stop...Im a slave for love....

I cant live, Whit or whitout you//Bono
I Cant live whit it anymore, please girls! Give me some advices! I really hate loving like this!

Yesterday, love was such an easy thing//Lennon
It's something whit blonde guys... i always fall in love whit bossy blonde guys.
A.I.E. i hate myself...

Best wishes

Skrivet av Leoless, 2006-08-17

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