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hey ma name is amin codyare. I live in borås which is the borest in city in sweden I had ever seen. well am 19 yrs old and I go in I B in borås. its a niice program for a person like me cause its in english and has all stuff and in need for education. well last week started the fuckin school again after a whole two months holidays of summer. this shit u know cause I had to choose six subjests of ten and I just the three usual subjects which are must and are three , Pychology , Business management and Biology. as I talk now the situation is out of control with a full week of intense education. No Sleepin Neither Partin. Well another subject is the T O K , I dont know why the I B stuffs had inviaded this subject but its used to manupulate our and tear it into peaces of slassed salads and then u go crazy. my brain is gettin into hell now , my stomach is shouting for food and my nerves are screaming for water.

Skrivet av Lil_Amin, 2008-09-02

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Feed a Child with just a Click!

I was just going through my facebook and I found a group called "feed a child with a click". its really very anoying to see this website and get the abject feeling of young children dieing infront us when we can do some thing about it. this is not about money nor happyness nor something thing else , this is about saving a child's life a day with a single click , for some people it take months to click but for young child it takes 24 hours for him/her to die.


When hunger contractions occur in the stomach, the person sometimes experiences mild pain in the pit of the stomach, called hunger pangs. Hunger pangs usually do not begin until 12 to 24 hours after the last ingestion of food, in starvation. A single hunger contraction lasts about 30 seconds, and pangs continue for around 30-45 minutes, then hunger subsides for around 30-150 minutes. Individual contractions are separated at first, but...

Skrivet av Lil_Amin, 2008-06-28

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Now its summer after after long time winter. Damn So nice will it be , I didnt imagine that this was happening to me after long school exams and tests , fuckinly reading books and having I B Fever at the same. I Hope so.... LOL school is now closed and time for flirting Gurls starts. Well it was always good and welcome the summer with a special celebration me and my friends. We invited some girls and boys for grill party just to have fun and enjoy grilled burger with bread and beer as well as listening to the relaxation music of Reggae. altuogh some us were bathing in the lake...who cares , its a matter of spending time together and I dont think I could have done that cause the water was too cold to bath. Reggae Music plus grill party and Smoking is the party that I would not forget. When it reached 22:00 every body was fucked to the highest grade, in minutes I didnt were I was. I went to downtown to go...

Skrivet av Lil_Amin, 2008-06-07

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this year was a fun year for me off I got everyting going mavelous with flying colors, Although we agreed to kick out those " Dirty A - Level Student Cause I Bs are the Best students, they cant even compete with us. Well Well Well , time is up for kick off of summer holiday but for the last week I havent been actually feeling good with the weather. I cant it if its too warm or too hot. Now the is near to be closed and nothin to do throught the summer just to walk around and look for a jobb instead. Well yesterday we were in math lesson so...what our teacher wanted to do was to calculate some exercise on triginomentry ... So instead we were calculating the properbility of flirting on a gurl in party!!!isnt that redicilous and becouse doing that was that two of our class mates are Virgins... so we were just giving them advice and math calculation

Skrivet av Lil_Amin, 2008-06-04

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