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Book Journal-English B

Taste and other tales
Taste-page 1-11

The book is written in first person.
So far the book is about this "first person" and his wife, Mike Schofield's and his wife and daughter and a man by the name of Richard Pratt.
They all are at dinner at Mike´s house and this Richard was very famous of his love of food and wine.
For some reason Mike and Richard starts to quarrel for little things, and Mike´s wife is telling Mike quite a few times to let it go and eat instead.
Suddenly Mike want´s to bet with Richard about wine.
At first both Mike and Richard thought the bet was silly but then they became seriosly and started to talk about what they were going to bet about.
Richard said that if he wins the bet he will have Mike´s daughter in marriage and if Mike wins he will have Richard both houses.
Of course both Mike, his wife and his daughter gets indignant and specially the daughter, she starts even also to cry.
Both Mike´s wife and daugter says to Mike to stop the childish bet but Mike don´t even listen, he completely ignore his wife.
He seems so self-confident like he is sure of winning the bet.

I don´t know the name of this first person who tell the story and I can´t really describe him so good.
But I can describe Mike because he is also one of the maincharacters.
The have´nt describe the maincharacters in appearance but I think that Mike has short, dark hair, with brown eyes and he is wearing a black costume with a white shirt.
Well I think Mike sounds like a very nice person but clumsy like a child and unsure of himself even though he seems to be self-assured.
Because he is not acting like a father or a husband towards his family, he is acting like a child considering his act.
Including Richard behaves like a child.

The environment is a citchen in Mike´s house, I can´t really describe more, only that I see that the citchen has brown piece of furnitures, white walls and the citchen-table is laid of plates, cutlery, glasses, food and candles.
And i think that the environment is fairly dark but still light because of the pale colours.
This is what I see, it is´nt in the book.


Skrivet av Mystique, 2006-02-22 10:10

This looks good so far-keep on going!

"...and I can´t really describe him so good" ->adj/adverb ..describe.him so....?


Skrivet av martinjohansson, 2006-03-08 15:45

"...and I can´t really describe him so well"


Skrivet av Mystique, 2006-03-08 22:15

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