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San Andreas News!

Your News Channel in San Andreas!

Sunday 15 Jan 2007
A church movement was reported and was driving around burning churches. What the purpose was is not really clear. But apperantly a priest was followed by several citizens of San Andreas, our sources tell us that they were driving around in SA and burning churches to "clean out the sins". Our sources told us that this appears not to be a cult, but a small christian group. Except more reports about this group.

This is Fargo, San Andreas News reporting from San Andreas.

Skrivet av Sa_News, 2007-01-15

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The Syndicate - evil or good?

A new crime movement has just been created on Chillpoint and they call themselves "The Syndicate". Experts of crimes has already begun with wild discussions if this movement is evil or good.

The movement has written a FAQ but the FAQ doesn't answer what's behind the scenes. I guess the public is yet to see what will happend and San Andreas News will keep you updated!

Skrivet av Sa_News, 2006-12-30

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Today 2 streetracers were in a pursuit. After a long and difficult pursuit the 2 got arrested by the police. The police dont want to give there names, to keep the suspect anonymous.


Reporter - Misty_Jan
Cameraman - Misty_Jan

Skrivet av Sa_News, 2006-12-14

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This afternoon the San andreas News helicopter spotted some activity at the golf from then on he followed the group who were chillin' out.

It came out to be a event, the mission: Get on mount chilliad in a caddy, as fast as possible.

Reporter - Misty_Jan

As promised, we do have a video from the event and the man behind the camera was Misty_Jan.

Here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Asem-TfeXM

Skrivet av Sa_News, 2006-12-11

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This morning around 12 o'clock (GMT +1) the SAN-helicopter was looking for some hot news, but he didnt had to look far.

within a couple of seconds de helicopter spotted 2 basejumpers getting ready to make a big jump. As getting closer the 2 where recongised as Terry and Steve.


After they jumped I had the chanche to speak some words with them.

Steve, and you to Terry, as everyone knows basejumping is a dangerous and illegal sport, aren't you guys scared for death, nor police?

Steve: " No we are not. The change of dieing makes it extra fun, you get andrenaline pumped trough your body. " he laughs: " and police haha, I've never been scared of them ".

You guys got any future plans for the gang?

Terry: " Yes ofcourse, just like any other gang, but it will remain secret "

This was Misty_Jan for the San Andreas News..

A report from the test-reporter Misty_Jan, maybe Misty have a futrure with us.... Time will...

Skrivet av Sa_News, 2006-12-11

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The interview with castro about the war: Morellos vs Saints and Mafia.

The war begins all by the Morellos. Some Morello members was starting to rape and rob the Saints. The Saints wasnt laughing with that and organised a war against the Morellos to show it wasnt Appreciated. But the Morellos hadnt such luck, cause The Mafia was helping the Saints by killing the Morellos.

The Mafia was helping the Saints only for one night against the Morellos. The Mafia wasnt killing for hate but for fun. The Mafia and the Morellos are allies and didnt changed during the war. Now its still war.
Second interview with Castro:

"Wohooo, PEACE" These were the word of the Saints leader/member Terry. He was so happy that the war against Morellos were over.

Castro, we cant forget him, is also happy, he said in his own words "Its better that there isnt a war between us, it was stupid from us." But the war wasnt over... They organized a little funwar against each other. If the mafia was...

Skrivet av Sa_News, 2006-12-10

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MrColon, leader of Real Thugs 'N' Harmony speaks about the Morello family. The recent attack at Morellos base hasn't bothered MrColon and he expresses his dissapointment towards the ally between Real Thugs 'N' Harmony and The Morello Family.

MrColon has decided not to help Morellos in the, perhaps, upcomming war between Morellos and The Triads nor do he intend to do anything about the attack towards Morellos base.

He explains that the Morello family has never offered his gang any services and like stated above - he is dissapointed with the ally.

He mentioned that there are things changing in his gangs but he let it be a secret until it's official. However, his intentions doesn't seem to break up the ally.

Skrivet av Sa_News, 2006-12-10

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There have been several reports about the six Vortex's parked on top of Mount Chilliad have caused accidents when people, especially younger ones, have rent one and raced down the mountain.

The Vortex have been placed there because of the newly created race. It was meant to be a joyful activity but instead it has created atleast 2 fatals and about 5 accidents have been reported.

Policeman Derek Hanson spoke to the press today and he told us that they are in fact discussing if the Vortex's will be removed from there or not. However, the odds are against us and according to expert of casuality numbers Lita Tyrason more fatals will occur, the numbers might rise to 10 accidents a month!

The community are outrageous and mothers especially, are protesting by walking down the streets.

The Vortex's on top of Mount Chilliad - Photo: MrColon

Article written by...

Skrivet av Sa_News, 2006-12-10

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