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Killer in the Snow

Killer in the Snow is a Swedish crime novel serialized on the web.


Read new chapters here or by: Twitter - RSS - email

Killer in the Snow is licensed under a Creative Commons License. Share and repost (and link back here). If you want to do something else with it, email killerinthesnow@gmail.com.


I stood outside the falafel joint in Ålidhem centrum soaking up vitamin D through my parka while I waited for my take-out kebab roll. Don came out of the karate club across the alley and lit a cigarette. Late forties or early fifties, greying hair but still a full head, the barrel-chested build of a man who used to be athletic.

I don't much like other Americans but the sunshine made me amiable. I nodded at him across the pavement.

He took it as an invitation and sauntered over. "I know you," he said.

"Yeah, SFI," I said.

SFI--Svenska för invandrare--is the state sponsored language school for immigrants. Among ourselves, we call it Swedish for Invaders. Most of the students, the invandrare, are here for the university. There are a handful of souvenir Thai wives with Swedish husbands. There are a lot of Iraqis.

Don took a long drag off his cigarette. The smoke wafted past me and I almost asked for one but it had been six months and I had promised and Johanna would be pissed. I could feel...

Skrivet av Stan, 2010-02-17

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