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Home made touring kit for Scottoiler


I have installed my Scottoiler in the tool box under the seat of my Transalp 650.
My homemade "touring kit", a plastic bottle of about 2.5 dl, is located at the back in front of the tail light. The oil should last at least 5000 km.

My kit uses the siphon principle. As long as the extra bottle is well above the chain nozzle, the Scottoiler can be anywhere. The extra bottle does not have to be above the Scottoiler, only above the nozzle.

The level difference between bottle and chain nozzle should be as large as possible to get a stable flow.
Make sure the hose connections are tight, otherwise the siphon doesn't work.

And all you need is a bottle, plastic hose, a strap and maybe 1-2 nuts


Skrivet av Tramsvalp, 2010-06-20 13:57


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