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Watch This Shit

Även om du står på tå, når du aldrig upp till min nivå!

I've hit rock bottom...

"inte lika lågt som glocalnet" but still...
I feel so fucking low.. i wont even write what i've done..


Skrivet av WatchMeShine, 2006-05-29

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You let me borrow an angel...for a while. Then you took it back.

I was standing out on my balcony, taking a smoke, when suddenly it hits me.
I was all alone.
I got no one to turn to.
I got no future laid up for me.

Still, I was as calm as a gentle summer wind.

Today I really haven't done anything. Sometimes you really need to take "a day of" from everything. When you got a lot of time and nothing to spend it on, your thoughts keep spinning around in your head. They're always searching for something, sometimes good things, sometimes bad. Why is it that you often seem to focus more on the bad things than the good things? Is it easier to hang on to the bad than the good? Is man bad himself? Or is it just the easy way to go? It do seem that it takes more energy to focus on being happy then being sad or upset. Nowadays we don’t have that extra time to find the happy things around us. Man always seems to be in a hurry, in a hurry to get to school, to work, to the date with that cute...

Skrivet av WatchMeShine, 2006-05-25

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As I was watching TV, my thoughts were starting to wander around!

It’s been close to a year sins I last had a good relationship, sure I've had some flings after, but nothing really serious. Have I used up my quote of good guys?

Is it true that there is only ONE special someone out there for everyone? Or is it possible that there is more than just one for those who seek?

Last night, as I was doing absolutely nothing, I got an instant message on my computer. It was from one of my ex boyfriends. So we started to chat a bit when he asked if I wanted to come over. Now normally, I would say yes and not think about it any more since I had nothing else to do that evening, and its always more fun to be 2 then on your own. The thing was, this was my friends x boyfriend as well, so I didn’t want to go to far with him since my friend and he just broke up. Now I did tell him how I felt and he, as any other horny guy would, told me there would be no problem, he just didn’t want to be on his own. I...

Skrivet av WatchMeShine, 2006-05-24

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