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Wild Silence

Det mesta med att leva och att inte leva, att älska och att bara hata allt

Oh dear, what have I done
No, I can't give you a son
Everything I did to you
Everything is gone

Look at you
Look at your body
Look at the wounds
You're all bloody

I fall on my knees
I lay my head in my hands
And I cry, and cry, and cry
'til there's no tears left

The man I used to love
The man who loved me so much
The man who did everything for me
The man is laying in front of me

Somehow I'm not so sad
But I'm still crying
But the tears is not from sorrow
They're from happiness

The happiness from a woman who loved
From a woman who was betrayed
A woman with no sorrow inside
I'm a woman with no regret

Someday I will find a new husband
A husband who will love me
A husband who will love me more than he did
A husband with no evil

I look at you
And I laugh at you
How pathetic you are
The fear I see in your eyes

Finally I can see it
Finally I can feel it
Finally... finally
I can see you die

Skrivet av WildSilence, 2007-04-17

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