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Wonderland Festivals

Press Release

Spring Wonderland Festival

Following on from the success of the Winter Wonderland Festival in November 2005, NAZ Promotions is proud to present the Spring Wonderland Festival. This time around it will travel across the Scandinavian club circuit through Norway, Sweden and Denmark.


March 20th 2006 – Oslo, The Garage
March 21st 2006 – Bergen, The Garage
March 22nd 2006 – Stockholm, Tekniska
March 23rd 2006 – Aarhus, Musikcafeen
March 24th 2006 – Copenhagen, Studenterhuset
March 25th 2006 – Roskilde, Gimle
March 26th 2006 – Malmo, Bodoni


Touring Scandinavia made easy.

The Wonderland Festival’s tour concept offers artists the opportunity to participate in lengthy touring in Sweden, Norway and Denmark that may otherwise be difficult to arrange. It is an independent Festival that showcases new and exciting independent Scandinavian Artists on the club circuit in Scandinavia, as well as some interesting new...

Skrivet av WonderlandFestivals, 2006-01-11

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