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welcome to my life

alltså "if it makse you happy wy the hell are you so sed" varför ä det så svårt att bara görat och alla jävla fjortisar hjälper inte direkt till


why is my life so mest up its not what i want the only thing that keps me living is the pain of not.meny peaple wish taht they wour dead but they somhowe kep living .you can take pills to nome your feelings it dont take the pain away youst make it last . why is life so dam hard.other peaple may not see your pain at day when you try sow hard to hide it they shod be with you at night and see the tears your craing.

Skrivet av americansweethart, 2006-02-05

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do you ever feel like braking down?do you ever feel out of place?like some how you yust dont belong and no wan understandyou do yu ever wanna runn awey do you look your self in your room with the radio turnd on so laud and no one hears you screaning no you dont no wats like wen nofining feesl alrite you dont no wats like to by like me.

Skrivet av americansweethart, 2005-10-13

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