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moments to share, moments to care


Taggar: resolution

amazingly enough, this is the third year of my annual look-backs on the last year and resolutions for the next one. my previous are available for 2009 and 2008

i didn't set up any tasks, besides graduating (and i did it), so that's fine. i've stopped screwing with guys heads and for once i should promise myself to sleep more again. for my own sake.

countries of 2010 in alphabetical order: austria, france, germany, greece, norway, poland, slovakia, sweden, swiss.

i have been a good girl, struggling with personal issues (as usually, the lack of issues last year was just the pure mirage that living in another country gives) and being as humble as ever (that has actually never been a trait of mine).

next years resolutions:
more sleep
more books
more gym
and more music.

next years activities:
actually get a drivers license
buy a motorbike
have the most awesome summer ever
enter the master's programme

this sounds like a plan and pretty darn good at that matter. i need to care less, because ppl tell me i have too much feelings, so i need to guard them up, put in a jar and hide like under a bed or smth. anyhow, i'm looking forward to next year. gonna try to build and igloo during the new years celebration and drink a bottle of vodka. will be done.

p.s. i'll try to use my gf potential next year :)

Merry Christmas n Happy New Year!

Skrivet av arlona, 2010-12-20 12:27


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