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Taggar: resolution

keeping the tradition, just like 2010/2011 with the addition and wishlist (jeez, i've been demanding last year, haven't i?) and 2009/2010 and 2008/2009
countries of this year? just estonia and georgia. i'll try better next year.

so what are the things done this year?
driver's license? check
master's? check
awesome summer? double check!

didn't get a motorbike, but fixed up my awesome antique bicycle. been sleeping, gym-ing, reading, and updated my music list, for sure. expecting less from ppl has been one of the greatest resolutions i have ever asked from myself. that has brought entirely new experiences in relationships, and i expect to keep this up.

what concerns all the items i wanted, got only half of them, but i translate this as a sign of modesty concerning material things.

so for 2012, a year to which i will give a great contribution for it to turn out amazing, here are the expected things:

motorbike (yeah yeah, this is getting old)
a trip to an exotic place (loooong vacation)
run half-marathon in spring
watch all dr who episodes
collect at least 1000 signatures
learn russian in a level i don't embarrass myself in public
make 4 weeks without alcohol
write a short story
learn to walk on hands
print all my fave photographies

and get a fucking it-themed tshirt. really miss my geeky side.

Skrivet av arlona, 2011-12-22 09:06


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