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moments to share, moments to care

stockholm. day 40. wrap up.

Taggar: lesson

so folks. i thought this was the last day for me in the business trip (40 days? man, that sounds like an easter lent!) but turns out we are stuck in this place for two more weeks.

the time here was perfect. it was exactly what i was expecting. and add a few things i did not expect.

officially, i will tag this as one of the lessons of life, because the future me must know the following: you fixed it! for the first time i fixed the problem. the outburst i had - yes i had it. i was scarred as a wild animal. i was aggressive in order to protect myself. but i took a step back (a very very difficult step which felt like literally weeding someone from your heart), pointed out the good things, focused on my own dreams, lived for myself (and here i must point out to myself to one of the most important conversations of my life, where the lesson was: don't do anything for me, live for your own sake), and lived it. and it turned out awesome.

he didn't turn away from me. i liked myself more with every day. it was a win win win.

it is scary to take the first step.

but it is so rewarding.
like a lottery.

Skrivet av arlona, 2012-09-28 22:23


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