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moments to share, moments to care

diamonds in my pocket

there have been several events that have led me to creating this blog entry.

first of all, the tutor who is currently helping me with my thesis. he is an associated professor in our university, working in the scandinavian department and has a great interest in sweden as such. in one of our appointments, he said a few simple sentences that have given me a positive slap in the face. i was telling him about my upcoming business trip, and he got excited and promoted a few things i should visit. i thanked him, confirming i've been living in stockholm before and that i've seen a lot from it anyway. wrong thing to say. he looked at me surprised and said: there is something new to see in stockholm every single time you go there!

yes, sweden is such a big part that i didn't appreciate at the time. i haven't read too many swedish authors, haven't seen much of the cinematography, haven't visited too many museums, because back then i simply worked here and took it for granted. this changes now. thanks to the tutor who has sparked my interest in sweden again, showed me what i've missed and without thinking, has ignited a passion for this country.

another thing, or more, a person that i have been taking for granted, is my godmother. over the past years she has been taking me to events, introducing me to people and i've always taken it as a one time event. i'm not saying it was wrong, because that just means i lived for the day and was happy to get there at all. but now i feel like i can give some of it back instead just taking.

from now on, i will also try to create lists of the people that inspire me.
give a little feedback about them, what inspires me about them and what traits i evaluate the most.

positive positive day. lets cut those diamonds into brilliants. :)

Skrivet av arlona, 2013-03-18 11:56


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