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gentlemen prefer youngs

lately i've been thinking of the reasons why older men pick younger women (and vice versa).

with that i don't mean the cliche middle age crisis - a man wants a new trophy, doesn't want to mature and picks an equal, wants to avoid building a family and settling down, etc., etc.

i mean men, who are mature, who for one or another reason have chosen their path, and have found someone pure, unscarred, teachable, trusting, perfect. someone who also wants to follow this new path of maturity.

i've seen this in action with several men i know - at some point they have made a deccision to change their life radically, while their significant other has grown trired of life, cynical of surroundings, uneager to make an effort for a change, lost belief in change or hasn't experienced anything that would trigger such spark.

it makes sense that these people find their separate ways.

let's say the relationship then has a crisis. if a man finds a younger woman, who is still full of joy and happiness, who hasn't been smoking, drinking, partying, ageing, and grown cynical of the world, this striking difference unwillingly might turn into man's resentment towards his significant other.

the future looks a lot brighter. this subconscious comparison unwillingly starts taking over, making the resentment grow with each word, action or look of the significant other.

in this case, only true love for one another can cure. an honest conversation of the change that the man s going through wanting to apply to all areas of his life, including the relationship.
if the woman doesn't want to change (and she has no loving support for it), the relationship will bring them both down - the man will keep longing for something better, and the woman will ive feeling she's not good enough.

sometimes this is the reason why younger woman chooses an older man - he is mature, dedicated and knows what he wants, it is easier to change with such a person by your side rather than make the change together.

but it's very human.

Skrivet av arlona, 2016-07-05 22:57


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