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moments to share, moments to care

the groove

so this is fun. something clicks in your brain and your life suddenly works (it might be due to od-ing drugs meant for schizos and living a very, very interesting life for three days and seeing yourself in a new light, pm me for details ;) ).

so what's new?

i'm obsessed with anna kendrick. she possesses this awesome light, humoristic, slightly self-ironic attitude towards herself and life. love it. have binged on her twitter account as the celebrity stalker that i am, watched 4 of her movies by far and counting.

music. well that's pretty tied with miss kendrick. pitch perfect and pitch perfect 2 (no judgment!!) had some bad-ass songs. also, made me pick up my viola again. the only reason the speakers are not on max volume is due to the fact i'm such a humanitarian and don't want my neighbors to kill me (when i die, in your speeches please pretend i was a better person than i am).

i translated. signed another contract for another super confidential best-selling book about an introvert weirdo, which amazingly tickles my urges to be understood.

also, i got a new job, and beware, this is actually a biggie. this made me look back on my own professional life. 4 years ago - that is the last time i felt happy about what i am doing in my life professionally. 4 years! ever since that i have felt pathetic. i had no or minimal requirements for even showing up. and still get fucking paid.
but this new job opportunity has finally given me spark and inspiration that i have been waiting for 4 fucking damn years. i cannot explain what this means to me. this is at least 8 hours a day which actually (in a way) matters. i haven't felt this much enthusiasm since... guess what... 4 years!!

anyhow, for the first time in what feels a century, i am somewhat of my old self. energized, positive, and taking the fucking bull by it's balls.

i'm smiling.
customer service... really? :)

Skrivet av arlona, 2017-04-01 21:43


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