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moments to share, moments to care

quality of life

life is really great. yes, a lot of time is spent on recovery. but health is only one of 3 priorities.

i love my job. if i thought that drinking made me a productive and creative alcoholic, then my productivity and creativity increased by 500% when i stopped drinking.
it increased by another 100% when i quit smoking.

ok, hold the horses, there was plenty of energy, preparedness, will to make amends, jump in, solve, learn. but just like in other fields, i wanted a logical, well based structure for:
1) self improvement at work (what are my strengths, responsibilities, options, sources?)
2) priority areas
3) solving, getting rid of old. unproductive things/processes
4) implementing new ideas

lucky for me, my direct manager has worked for one of the biggest and most successful companies of the world and his thinking is open, futuristic, efficient, positive and just the type of thinking i'm so fond of, and once a week i can ask him anything.
so i wrote down:
- all ideas for professional self-improvement
- all ideas for job improvement (team, product, numbers, etc.)

i had two chaotic lists of some excellent, some good and some fairly average ideas. i talked to him and got some structure, set priorities and a plan of action, as well as additional suggestions. got a list of books to read (one of which "delivering happiness" by Tony Hsieh blew my mind as well as "the culture code" by daniel coyle, and there are many more waiting in line), applied for several courses and conferences, and have taken my role at work to a completely next level by fully using my potential and growing professionally and personally and applying the knowledge practically.

when reading i switch the topics of the book from work related - self improvement - fiction - just to clear my "palette" and let the info soak in. the long walks, bike rides, hikes, all improving the physical and mental state of mind and existence.

i've made one more list: the list of qualities of a respectable person with self confidence. plain and simple. it was black on white what traits i respected, what i possessed and what i lacked (but could work on) to gain more self confidence. there was no place for fake humility, because despite many things i hate about myself, there were some good qualities as well (and surprise, surprise, none of those traits had anything to do with looks or weight). seeing what i lacked wasn't a tragedy. it was something i could work on gradually over time to achieve.

today i remember: progress, not perfection. one day at the time.

Skrivet av arlona, 2018-09-03 13:50


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