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moments to share, moments to care

a brief history. pt. 2

still a mind blowing book, so it must be continued.

how the success of a species is measured by the number of dna specimens and not level of happiness (thus, miserable cattle this very moment is a more successful species than an almost extinct happy species somewhere in madagascar living free (just like a company's success is measured by numbers, not by the happiness of their employees - yes, yes, yes, there is a voice from the past saying "the more zeroes there are in the contract the better").
how the complainers and criers were eliminated fast, euthanized even for their own good.
how in order to tame sheep, the most curious, the most aggressive and the fastest ones were killed first, when one needed an obedient flock.

how the humans made a slight miscalculations and from free and healthy species we were domesticated by wheat, an seemingly insignificant plant that became the king of everything.

this and more also helped me solve a situation at work where my employee openly threatened to leave since they believe they can do my job better than me (what was my first reaction? run away from conflict, just like the good old childhood days), but now, i inhale the book, take a step back and do my job to the best conscience. screamers can scream.

Skrivet av arlona, 2018-10-29 12:52


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