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moments to share, moments to care

the end

this blog server will be shut down in 5 days.

for me, it is an end of an era. i have spent the past 10 years here, describing my life, events, people, experiences, thoughts, hopes, resentments, problems and solutions. this place was the deep dark corner of my life - showing the difficult struggles and finally - a way out of them.

as i believe that God puts things into perspective, this is what is supposed to happen. maybe some of you will finally say goodbye to me. maybe some of you will have a reason to contact me in person. in a way it is a relief, since these entries have been very intimate and exposed my deepest emotions and some of the entries reached almost 8000 views, leaving me perplexed and feeling naked.

i will still write. writing is therapeutic. in a way, writing is who i am.

thank you for being the best audience a person can wish for.

Skrivet av arlona, 2018-11-15 10:50


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