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Unable to boot Ubuntu after Macos upgrade to El Capitan

I upgraded my MBP to El Capitan the other day and yesterday I realised that rEFInd did not run anymore and I spent hours getting it installed again. Once it was in place Ubuntu could only boot into rescue mode. Here are some clues in case you are in the same situation:

  • The rEFInd install.sh might give an error, it is related to a MacOS security feature that can be turned off by booting onto rescue mode (press and hold command and r during boot), start a terminal and run csrutil disable (then reboot and install rEFInd again).
  • Something has happened to the partitions. I think the El Captain upgrade changed the type of the Linux partition to MS something. I changed it back.
  • The MBR seem to be in a hybrid mode, someone suggested running gdisk, go to expert menu and press n to create a new one (then w to write changes).
  • Somthing has happened to the partition numbers, I had to update /etc/fstab to reflect the new layout (I had root at /dev/sda4 before upgrade and /dev/sda5 after).

Good luck everyone!

Skrivet av atte, 2015-10-06 09:24


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