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Engelska novell

Erik’s life

- Erik wake up, you are late! his mother shouted from the kitchen.
Erik turned around in the bed and tried to fall into sleep again. His mother walked
into the room and ripped the quilt down.
- Come on. Do you want to be late the first day in school?
Erik opened his eyes, he locked at his room. Almost every wall was covered
with skateboard pictures, except for a couple of Missfits playbills.
He went downstairs and grabbed a sandwich and his bag. Erik said good bye and then he grabbed his board and started to make his way to the school.
The new school was only 500 meters from his house so it wasn’t that fare.
He and his family used to live in Linköping, but his father got a new better job in
Stockholm. So Erik had to say good bye to all his old friends and his girlfriend.
Erik was almost there, just two kicks away from the school. He kicked up his board into his hand and started to walk to the door. Two 9 graders was standing in a corner and smoked. Except from them the schoolyard was empty. He didn’t feel very good about this new school. It looked spooky. Erik stood now in front of a door. He read the text: Class 8 b. He knocked at the door. A big old women with glasses and grey hair opened the door. Everybody in the classroom locked at him. He felt naked. The teacher told him to tell the class who he was and wear he came from. So Erik told them about his life and what he was doing and his hobbies.
This was Erik’s first day at school so he didn’t have to work that much.
At the lunch two guys in his class told him to sit together with them. Erik was exited to get new friends. They locked okay. The guys told him that they also was skaters and wondered if he wanted to skate with them after school.
- Of course, Erik answered with a big smile on his lips.
The bell was ringing and Erik and his new friends picked up their boards
and went outside. They went home to Johan. Nobody of his parents was home and we lived closest to the school, only 100 meters away. They grabbed some sandwiches and went to the famous Bjorn’s yard. It was a skater’s paradise with skatepools and curbs and other skate-able stuff.
It turned out that Erik, Johan and Anders was almost at the same level. They skated in the pool after each other and did the same tricks. When they finally stopped to skate it was dark.
The clock was 11:30 p.m. Erik knew that his father and mother would be pist at him.
He slowly opened the door. His father was in the kitchen. He locked at Erik and said.
- And wear have you been? I and your mother have been worried sick about you!
Erik just locked at the floor without saying anything. Erik understood why he was angry.
He was suppose to be home 9:30 p.m. So he was two hours late. Erik went upstairs.
He brushed his teeth and went to bed. He had a bad feeling in his stomach.

The alarm clock rang.
- Wake up Erik! His mother shouted from the kitchen.
He started to get familiar with that sound. He got out of bed and locked in the mirror. He locked like a zombie from the dead. He turned the shower on. Finally he started to wake up. He got dressed. The same old trashed jeans and the black t-shirt with the leaders: “Skateboard is not a crime!”.
He grabbed the board and started to make his way to the school. He met Johan and Anders
after 300 meters. They made company to school. The school wasn’t as creepy as before now.
Erik had watched her fore three days now. Elin, the hotiest girl he ever met. Suddenly she turned around and locked at him. She smiled and continued to work witch the math problems.
Erik in the other way didn’t understand anything. He just saw a lot of numbers and signs.
At the lunch break Elin and her friend Emma started to talk to Johan, after a few minutes Elin looked at Erik and said with a smile:
- See you tonight.
Johan said that they where invited to Elin's party the same evening. Erik was over the moon.
You could almost see stars in his eyes.
After school they went down to the skate pools. Erik was excited to try his new awesome trick, front side crailslide. He started with some basic tricks. He did a long backside 50-50 to get more speed, then he kicked the tail down and turned 90 degrees and landed at the cooping and grabbed the nose with the right hand. Everybody screamed and hit their boards into the ground.
- Front side Crailslide! Johan shouted!
Erik knew that this day was something special.
They continued skating fore a couple of hours then they headed to the subway. Johan and Anders jumped over the blocks. Erik didn’t want to be worse so he runned and jumped over too. The guards saw them and they started to run after them. Erik, Anders and Johan jumped on a train just before the doors got closed. The guards could just stand and watch them get away.
After three stations they jumped off. After only 5 minutes they were outside her door.
They could hear loud music coming from the apartment. Amanda opened the door.
- Come in! The party has just started.
Erik locked around in the apartment. He couldn’t se Elin anywhere. So he and his friends
headed for the couch. They talked to some girls and one of them was interested in him but he wanted that special girl, Elin, so he said good bye to the girl next to him. He walked around in the apartment and locked fore Elin. Suddenly he saw her. She was standing in her room.
Erik walked in and looked at her.
- Hello, are you hiding? Erik said with a smile.
- No, it’s just because it’s much noise everywear.
They looked at each other for a long time.
And then it happened, she lean forward and kissed him. He kissed back.
And there he stood kissing the girl he loved. He was so happy that he could hardly breathe.
- Come on lover boy! It’s time to go! Anders shouted from the other side of the apartment.
Erik kissed Elin good bye and went out to his friends. They skated back home. They didn’t want to get cached by some pist of guard. Erik said good bye to his friends and opened the door to his home. He was tired so he went straight to bed.
Now he had two awesome new friends and an even cooler girl friend. Could the life be better?

The End

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