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beskyddaren_89s bloggis

vet inte riktigt vad jag gör här, vad det här är för sida. men jag tänker skriva här ändå. så de så.

and I`m so fucking lost in everything. in this life.
dont now what to do with it. what can you do with a life?
it´s just a life. It`s my life. and it is fucking worthless. why would it be any diffrent in tomorrow?

every one just walk on by. no one try to catch me when I fall. and I do fall. every hour, every minute, every second a little closer to the ground. then it will be no more. and I will be gone.

but that never going to happen, cause I´m not that kind of person. im not going to leave without a reason, a resaon to remember me.

I`m out of here now.


Skrivet av beskyddaren_89, 2005-10-06

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