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Book Journal, English B. The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

The Jungle book
pages 15-30

1.Mowgli is admiring Bagheera for his way of killing, Bagheera kills only when his hungry and Mowgli does the same thing.
He has many problems right now since Bagheera told him that both Shere Khan and some younger wolves wanted to kill him. Akela the leader of the pack who as always supported Mowgli, wasn't the leader anymore since he failed killing an animal and the law of the jungle says that of a leader failes to kill an other animal he's no longer a leader and is called the dead wolf.
Mowgli wants to stay with the wolfpack, but Bagheera tells him that he can't stay much longer, in order to survive he will have to go back to the humans in the nearby village.

2. "Never while we can follow a trail," This means like as long as i breathe air, I picked this beacuse we use these kind of sayings in ordinary life. We use it like they used in the book, when Mowgli said "Ye will never forget me?" and some of the wolf cubs responds "Never while we can follow a trail," The quote is taken from page 29.

/Oliver Sifversson

Skrivet av bv, 2006-06-02 15:15

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