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English B, Book Journal, The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book
by Rudyard Kipling, Penguin Books Ltd, 1894

Page 1-15

1. It is a warm afternoon and father wolf wakes up after his day´s rest, he was going to hunt but then the jackal, Tabaqui came by. All the wolves despises Tabaqui beacuse he is telling storys and terrorising the humanbeings in the nearby village. But still everyone is afraid of him. He could take down allmost any creature in the jungle even tigers when he gets mad.
Later father wolf finds a man's cub, he brings it to their cave, where mother wolf takes care of it. It turns out that it was the tiger, Shere Khan who had attacked a woodcutter's camp-fire and the man's cub managed to escape, Shere Khan is eager to find his prey. But father wolf tells him that the man's cub is mine, to kill if I choose. Shere Khan walks away saying; I wonder what the council thinks of you raising a humanbeing. Father wolf says to mother Wolf that we have to take him to the council.

The day after they take the man's cub to the wolf council, where the wolves discuss issues concerning the pack. There are only one other animal that are allowed to at the meetings, Baloo, the sleepy brown bear. Baloo teches the young wolves in laws of the jungle. Baloo speaks for to keep and raise the man's cub, Bagheera agrees. It ends with that they are keeping the man's cub named Mowgli, and Baloo will teach him about life and the jungle.

2. Mowglis looks is hard to describe, after just fifteen pages. I guess he is quiet dark, skinny and naked. Since he is very young he don't know so much yet about life, manners and so on, hes is rather primitive like the wolves.

3. The enviroment is very green, lots of trees, bushes and growth, since the plot takes place in the Jungle. There are also many rocks and caves.

/Oliver Sifversson

Skrivet av bv, 2006-06-02 15:16

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