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English B, Book journal, The Jungle book

The jungle book
15-45, the last task

1. " He is our brother in all but blood" page 25

This is a quote said by Akela the former leader of the pack,to the council.
I think this quote symbolises one problem Mowgli had to face under his time with the pack, since he's human and not a wolf. I think it means that though he livs with us and we love he's still not a wolf.

2. I couldn't find any quotes about the enviroment in those pages.

Short opinion about the book:

I like the book so far, the language is quiet oldfashion, which i think is good beacuse then the reading becomes a challenge. Beacuse if you are supposed to read a book in english it feels useless to read a book that is easy to understand.

Skrivet av bv, 2006-06-02 18:02

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