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Skrivet av danpark, 2015-08-13 00:52

"Janner became “nobility” when his father, a Lithuanian born orthodox Jew was knighted in 1961 for services on behalf of the State of Israel."

"Janner is on “leave of absence” from the House of Lords. But according to the parliamentary website, he still retains the following positions, and it appears that not one of these organisations has repudiated him:
Vice President – The Association for Jewish Youth
Vice President – The Jewish Leadership Council
President – The Association of Jewish Ex-Servicemen and Women
Advisory Board – Community Security Trust
Vice President – The World Jewish Congress
Chairman – The Holocaust Educational Trust
Director – The United Jewish Israel Appeal"

Skrivet av pimpMyShoah, 2015-08-13 18:41

Janner is the Baron of the City of Leicester, having inherited his father’s title established centuries ago, I think it was in 1970. The Janner family is the great political power in Leicester and had helped promote a longtime family friend and “friend of Israel,” Frank Beck, to a position of prominence, controlling the lives of hundreds of “at risk” children, a task he approached with considerable personal energy.

Beck ran children’s homes in and around Leicester under the auspices of the Labour Party. Beck “ratted out” Lord Janner as his accomplice in a major child trafficking and pedophile ring. The two had worked together closely in 1978 which Lord Janner had opened a skateboard park as part of his “civic betterment” duties.

Lord Janner’s powerful friends, as reported across the British press this week, blocked the investigation but Beck was not so lucky. Frank Beck was sentenced to life in prison, five separate terms, for child rape of more than 100 children, charges we now know deeply parallel those now being sought by the Leicester Police against Lord Janner himself.

Frank Beck died in prison.

Skrivet av pimpMyShoah, 2015-08-13 18:44


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