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Henry James Sr. skriver i sin bok om Swedenborg följande rader som är mitt i prick vad gäller fiktionen om "naturen" och "jag själv":

In short nature is a purely mental fact. It con-
stitutes, itself, indeed the identical mind of the race, what we
call the common mind of man ; and we are each of us mentally
qualified or endowed — each of us intellectually energized — in
the degree, not of our merely sensible or isolated and absolute,
but of our rational or relative and associated, discernment : our
discernment, not of mere visible existence, but of the invisible
ratio or relationship which binds all existence in unity. And if
all this be true, then the reader sees at a glance how mistaken
he has alwsiys been in viewing human nature, or the human
race, as a physical and not a purely mental or metaphysical
quantity, as a fixed or absolute and not as an exclusively free or
contingent fact. There is no such thing as human nature, out-
side of men's consciousness ; no such thing as a race of man
existing in itself, or independently of our mental experience.
The phrases in question attest no substantive reality, but only an
inevitable infirmity, only a gross superstition, of our carnal

Och det är hedrande att den svenske "drömmaren" Swedenborg har en sådan realistisk syn.

Skrivet av ingenperson, 2018-05-18 16:52


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