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Person och kropp skiljs ofta åt, men i verkligheten är det nästan samma sak. Kroppen uttrycker genom fiktionen om en person, just den personens önskningar och orostillstånd. Personen säger sig vara "besviken" över att kroppen åldras och blir sjuk. I själva verket är det endast denna person-fiktion som lider. Kroppen följer endast kroppars förändringar. Det är endast en person som "är sjuk" eller "är döende". Det vi verkligen är blir aldrig sjukt eller dör.

Detta sägs tydligt av en kristen författare som skriver i engelsk översättning: "Now my wretched body, thy beauty is faded, thy fairness is gone, thy lust, thy strength, thy loveliness all is gone, all is failed; now art thou returned to thine own earthly colour; now art thou black, cold and heavy, like a lump of earth; thy sight is darkened, thy hearing is dulled, thy tongue faltereth in thy mouth, and corruption issueth out of every part of thee; corruption was thy beginning in the womb of thy mother, and corruption is thy continuance. All things that ever thou receivest, were it never so precious, thou turnest into corruption; and naught came from thee at any time but corruption, and now to corruption thyself returnest: altogether right vile and loathly art thou become, where in appearance before thou wast goodly: but the good lines was nothing else but as a painting or a gilding upon an earthen wall; under it was covered with stinking and filthy matter. But I looked not so deep, I contented myself with the outward painting, and in that I took great pleasure; for all my study and care was about thee, either to apparel thee with some clothes of divers colours, either to satisfy thy desire in pleasant sights, in delectable hearings, in goodly smells, in sundry manner of tastings and touchings, either else to get thee ease and rest as well in sleep as otherwise. And I provided, therefore, pleasant and delectable lodgings, and to eschew tediousness in all these, not only lodgings, but also in apparel, meats and drinks procured many and divers changes, that when thou wast weary of one then mightest thou content thyself with some other. Oh, alas, this was my vain and naughty study whereunto my wit was ready applied, in those things I spent the most part of my days. And yet was I never content long, but murmuring or grudging every hour for one thing or other."

Bekymren och orosmomenten i att vara en person kan inte beskrivas bättre. Författaren är John Fisher och tiden är engelskt 1500-tal.

Skrivet av ingenperson, 2019-06-26 11:18

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