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More than a memory

I've become tired
Of Wasting my time
Thinkin' bout choices
That I've made
Cuz I can't move forward
While looking behind
The only thing I can
Thing to do now is change the way
That I use to be
Cuz now it's seems
Crystal clear to me

Cuz you're so much more
Than a memory
Cuz you're so much more
Than a memory

It wasn't fair
For me just to go
Act like I knew what you've been though
Cuz I wasn't there
And I'll never know
Couldn't see from
Your point of view
But I'm doing all I can
For you to see
That I understand

Please don't Go
Cuz I've finally Know
That the past is gone
And I was wrong....

Skrivet av josby, 2007-03-29 13:56


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