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The luxurious m a day Porsche design has inf o rt the latest evolution of its tick star flat six: 6360. An impressive 44 mm chronograph (Vattent, 100 m) have an automatic, mechanical caliber. Tick star de very design (note the integrated switches) f o reslog matte and polished stainless steel St A. l Black PVD-coated...

Porsche Design flat six P ' 6360
Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, the founder of Porsche design, has never spent n a. once with a simple setup.

F o r him a R aesthetics SV product g Z race on form and function as the j, m, partner ready. "Flat six P ' 6360 directly this design philosophy," said m-tag in a statement.

This timer is a beautiful n a presence p Replica watches. wrist thanks gener sa 44 mm fall (15 mm thick). Keep in mind that this model tick star OMV alternately frosted and polished black PVD stainless steel St A. l

SP a. cleaning the side of h e case, p a. mimic the design of the piston t Tningsringar of the six-cylinder...

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