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Kristoffers Novell fast på engelska READ AND ENJOY


Borje Andersson is a person who lives a fairly ordinary life, just as a very common Swedish man. At 07.a´clock in the morning Borje gets up from his bed turning off his alarm clock and gives his wife a good-morning kiss. After that he continues to put on his glare slippers that he got from a friend last Christmas. Borje walks down to the kitchen where he cloth out a breakfast containing Swedish yogurt, flakes, juce, bread and some butter. Setting himself down in his favourite sofa he starts to reed a magazine. At 07.05 o’clock Borje puts away the magazine and spends the time with his wife at the breakfast table. At 07.30 am he gets dressed and after that delicate breakfast he prepares to go to work.
At 07.45 am Borje is sitting in his faithful red Volvo V70 on the way to his work while he is studying some drawings of a House. Borje is an architect. At 08.00a.m Borje enters the door to his workplace and says hallo to all his colleagues. Then a whole ordinary workday takes place. At 19.00 p.m Borje arrives at home a bit later then usually because he had a little confrontation whit his boss. Borje says hallo to his wife and settle down at the dinner table with his wife to enjoy a splendid dinner.
Yes, that is the whole story of Borjes life day after day. But Borje likes his life like that, why should he change anything. Everybody lives in this way so why shouldn’t he.
The years went on and Borje lives his life as well whiteout any changes. It is the year 2007 when something new seems to appear. It is the year when Sweden is going to have a whale for the government. Now the future of Sweden shall be decided and the people of Sweden are going to do a new selection. Obviously Borje too. But Borje has already made his decision of who he is going to vote for. His parents have always been Social Democrats so why shouldn’t he be that too. That is just an absurd thought for Borje. In the commencement of August the sundry campaigns approaches. The colleagues but especially his wife starts to nag about the whale. But Borje doesn´t bother at all about it because he has already made his decision of which side of the government, left or right he is going to vote for. The days are passing and the TV information shows an up trapping discussion between the two parts about who is going to be the new Stats minister. Borje couldn’t escape from watching on this on the TV. The most necessary question for Swedes is how to get a job for everyone. The right part of the government takes this question very seriously while the left part is thinking on how to give the one who don’t have a job some kind of “BIDRAG”. What to do for the unemployed?

This question does interest Borje and he feels he can’t resist going away from the TV. Perhaps the Swedish essayistic needs some refreshing. But that thought is shaking the mind of Borje”.Why shall he vote different to what his parents always has quoted for”. This question is also something who characterize all his relatives and it is an obviously for him too. Borje follows more debates on TV, the posters beside the road are also influencing Borje´s mind. One day when he is going down to the square market to buy some vegetables, as he does every Saturday there is no market .But to his big surprise the whole market is gone and instead there are 20 Timber Houses on the square. There are a lot of people around them. The Timer houses are whale cottages. Borje went forward to one of the cottages but it is not the politics of the part who entices him, it is the candy. Every cottage has a candy bole and the candy just stands there waiting for somebody to crush between someone’s teethes. Borje continues to walk forward to the Alliance cottage and starts to dig with his hand in the candy bole. The noise from the crushing candy between his teethes stops him from hearing what the man in front of him is saying about there politics. In the beginning Borje doesn´t care what the man is saying because he has already decided which part he going to vote fore.
But after a while he begins to hear more and more and at last he has forgotten the candy. Borje asks himself if he really wants to vote for the Social Democrats.
Should he, Borje, change the tradition and vote for the Alliance this time.
Borje has now taken his first step to what is going to be very important for him in the rest of his life. He walks around on the square and listens to the other parts opinions.
Next day is a Sunday, the day begins with the ordinary routines, perhaps the family is waking up a little bit later than usually, as well as that happens to himself. This day is the day for the weekly shopping at the supermarket together with his wife.
On the way in there old red V70 Volvo Borje starts to ask himself if they can afford to buy all this stuff with all the taxes included .They have not so much money left in there wallets cause their economy is on the edge to be very bad. Borje realizes increasingly that the Socialists maybe is not a good part at all because they want to have very high taxes on everything. The thought of renewal seems to want pursue him.
Borje turns the vehicle off to the parking place of the mall and parks it elegantly between two other Volvos. Inside the store Borje takes a trolley and steers it to the dairy department. – How many milk packs shall we buy?
-Take two I don’t know if we can afford any more. Borje takes two milk packages and put them down into the trolley. Hm, if not the taxes are so high I will be able to spend my money on other things and not only on food, thinks Borje.
When they have finished sufficient with goods they are going to the payment desk.
The cost on the receipt became a true horror. That purchase will ruin him and is not fun at all.
The time has come fore Borje to vote.
On the way to the voteingcenter Borje is completely sure which one he is going to vote for, as a matter a fact he is going to vote for the Alliance.
When he arrives to the “vote centre” some people are gathering a line and he can now feel a light feeling of freedom, why he doesn’t know but he is feeling it deeply in his body.
After the voting he feels proud over that decision. It also makes him feel that he wants to do more “crazy” things. Like the dream to buy a new car, and he also wants to buy a new colourful suit and he wants to paint his house.
On the big day then the eligible occur there is some entertainment at Borje and his wife’s home. Some of Borjes colleagues and neighbours are invited. The guests offer cakes and champagnes and it is a very pleasant party. When the party continues in to the small hours the result of the very important question: who is the winning part is finally going to be delived on the TV news.
It is sufferable exiting and at last the answer is that The Alliance is the winner of the whole thing. Borje is shouting out loudly his feelings. When Borje is going to the shopping market again some weeks later he passes a Mercedes store. I shall may be take a look and see what they have to offer, thinks Borje and he turns in the car to the parking place and contemplate the cars one by one. Because Borje will be richer now when the taxes are going to be reduced with this new government he buys this new car. In his new car Borje drives to the mall and he buys 4 milk packages and one ice cream. Then Borje and his wife are able to live a very good and happy life anyway until the next Vote.

Skrivet av kristoffer_bloggaren, 2006-11-06 18:33


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