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The end never begins

Its exactly like me, nothing special but still a little bit different.

So, this is my first "blog time" (and I know, I'm like two years to late to write that)... Scares me a bit even though I write a lot, poems, text, fiction, truth, reports blablabla

Anyway, I figured just to throw myself in to it but before you all have to excuse my english. Its not perfect, hardly good but I feel more comfortable writing english and dont ask me why. Probably feels further away from myslf and my inherritage, the quite and shy Swedish one that is.

But my day today will be summed up by Damien Rice (and some of me) in the following text. Will give you all the bacground story when I'm use to this "share it all " thought:

"What I am to you is not real, what I am you do not need, what I am to you is not what you meen to me.
What I give to you is ust what Im going through, this is nothing new, just another fase I am fighting.
What I really need is what makes me bleed, like a new disease. "

The days biggest mistake was my dinner. I learnt, in the hardway,...

Skrivet av maune, 2007-01-09

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