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English B Book Journal page 88-118

Page 97 "On the first day when Muad'Dib rode through the streets of Arrakeen with his family, some of the people along the way recalled the legends and they ventured to shout: "Mahdi!" But their shout was more a question than a statment, for as yet they could only hope he was the one foretold as the Lisan al-Gaib, the Voice from the Outer World." -It is not hard to see that Paul has big things to do, the hard thing is too see what that is. He will do great things.

"The Duke glanced down to the left at the broken landscape of the Shield Wall-chasms of tortured rock, patches of yellow-brown crossed by black lines of fault shattering. It was as though someone had dropped this ground from space and left it where it smashed."
-Sand and rocks, a tough enviromen. The animals that do live there are just as tough. An example of that is the sandworm, giant worms that live under the sand and are very dangerous and hard to kill.

I really like this book, what I don't like is the fact that it is impossible to enjoy the reading when I have to stop all the time to wright here at bloggis!

Skrivet av myrsloken, 2006-04-23 19:51

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