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English B Personal opinion of the book Dune


Frank Herbert.


My personal opinion about the book:

Nowadays I read just as many books written in English as in Swedish, more or less. So I had no problem understanding it although it was a science fiction novel with a quite advanced language and a lot of made-up names and things.

The book it self in one of the best science fiction books I ever read. It has such a detailed and fascinating description of, not only the environment but also the whole ecology. Herbert doesn't just go deep in describing trees, flowers, ecosystems and animals that doesn't exist you also get to know many of the characters deep too, what they think, smell, say and feel. It feels like Dune is written as a history book of a fictional history.
When you read Dune you look down on everyone, you see all that is going on. This is nice because it makes it easy to follow the plot, but everything gets a little predictable. You see every twist and turn of the story a mile away. Even thou it's easy to foresee the story, doesn't that mean it is not good.
I find Paul's fate very touching and I had problems stopping with my reading for the writhing of my blog many times.

I give this book 4 dunes of 5 possible, a extremely good and well written book.

Skrivet av myrsloken, 2006-04-23 22:31

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