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Book journal English B

I have start reading Roo Kickkick & the Big Bad Blimp, it's written by Ryan Gattis.
The story is set in the town of Barguss, well in the poor quaters of Barguss. It is summer and its hot for the moment.
Barguss seems as a hard town to grow up in, people getts beaten up and killed and it seems "normal" for everyone.

As far as I have come in my reading the caracters has just been intruduced, one of them is Roo Kickkick, he got "curved" by Raoul de los Dios. "Curved" means that you put the pesons teeth to the roadcurve and kick them in the back of their head so he or she loose all their teeth and gets his or her cheeks cut open. As I wrote, it seems as a tought town.

The thing that have happend so far in the book is this:
Everyone of the "gang" went for a consert and at the same time Raoul de los Dios escaped from jail. At the consert there is a big blimp, as a cool thing two people in one band cut the wire of the blimp so it flyed away. Then everyone saw that Raoul de los Dios was sitting on top of the blimp. Roo, who wanted to impress a girl named Florence Mink, grabed the rope and climbed up too save Raoul. It ended badly cause Raoul loosed his grip and falled down right on Florences boyfriend, Monroe Mister and they both died.

Skrivet av myrsloken, 2006-02-22 10:12

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