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Sorceress is the second book about Mary and her life.
I reed the first episode for three years ago and thought the story was really interesting, because it isn´t everyday a researcher finds an old dairy from 1600:s in a covering.

The first book ended in the middle of a sentence when Mary had to run for her life, because the Christian was after her, blaming her for be a witch.

I thought the first book was quit spooky because of the fact that I was reading a girls dairy there she had wrote a lot about supernatural things. But I was never really shore if I should believe in everything I reed because some of it sound so terrible or just unreal, I mean, no one can actually prove if the writer maybe had fixed a bit with the notes so the book should be more exiting.
But after I had reed it I decided to believe in the story, because the researcher seemed to be so serious with her work and asked the readers in the end of the book if they knew something more about Marys' life.

So when I saw that a new book had come out about Mary I really wanted to read it, because I was curios to see what had happened with her life.
But now when I have reed the second book I most say that it is much harder this time to actually believe in the story.
Because I have never really believed in supernatural things, and with the fact that this book just base on Agnes visions the whole story feels more like a tale then a true story.

But even if the book is true or not I think it have been very good! Because it has everything that a good book needs al from love, excitement, fear, died and happiness, and when you have start reading it, you can't stop.

But it isn´t just the characters you got to know well in the book, the way the writer describe the environment makes the whole book so much more realistic.
Among the others the investigations that the writer had done about how the Indians lived and what they believed in shows that she have spend a lot of time to get a good result with the book.

So even if Marys life maybe not ended like the second book tells, I´m glad that I have reed it, and also got to know a bit more about the Indian culture, and how people lived in the 1600:s.
But I also have to say, that it feels better to pretend that Mary died happy in an Indian village then freeze to death the same night she wrote the last notes in her diary.

Skrivet av petralundin, 2006-04-12 11:21

jag vet var båda dina hus ligger exakt! så nu kommer jag jaga dig till....... mohahaha....
nej skämta bara med dig aldrig skulle jag skada lilla petra :D

Skrivet av maria_bexelius, 2006-04-13 18:40


Your English has improved a lot during this bookjournal writing. Fluency and accuracy. Very nice to see and very well done!


Skrivet av martinjohansson, 2006-05-03 08:28

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