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bookjournal Sorceress 50-70 w.11

Now when Agnes and Alison had begun their trip to the reservation I have notice that Agnes has been more nervous and afraid for the future.
Alison showed Agnes a lot of old information that she had found about Marys´ old friends, and the connections between Agnes and Mary have been deeper with al the information.

Agnes also told Alison a lot about her past, and the hard memories about her mother and father, about the feelings of trust that disappeared the moment when they left her.
I got the feeling that Agnes is ashamed about those memories and that the minutes after she told them she regret it.
It seems like Agnes wants to protect her parents even those they had done so much bad for her.

Agnes also seems to be nervous to come home to Aunt M again.
Just because she isn´t sure if she´s ready to hear the truth about Marys´ fate, and also about how big her gift actually is.

"You can´t beat the whole world, Agnes... You have to know when to fight and when not to, and this time I advise you to quite." (Page 60.)

This is the first time in the book were we meet Sim. He is older then Agnes, and he helped her throw her dark period, after her parents' had leaved her and the only way she could express her feelings was with fight.
It feels like Agnes blamed herself about her parents disappearance and only way to get respect from the kids around her in school was to fight with them and win.
Agnes who already was hated in school got more and more enemies, and that day when she was in the middle with a lot of angry kids around her Sim come and saved her.
He was her first true friend and had since then helped her a lot.

Skrivet av petralundin, 2006-03-19 09:32

Your character description is an interesting one, in which the reader(I in this case) can get a feeling for what is going on on the inside of Agnes. Keep it up!

You more often get the past tenses (dåtid) correct now than before, this is good! But you still need to work on them :)

Here's one example:

"...the minutes after she told them she regret it." them she regret..? it Här har du "told" och "regret". Se till att de står i samma tidsform.


Skrivet av martinjohansson, 2006-03-20 17:09

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