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bookjournal Sorceress 132-153

This pages has just been about a lot of sorrow.
It all starts with a war-dance, were both Black Fox and Jaybird join the men that the next day leaved the village to went out in war.
Mary, who tried to stop them from leaving her, knew from the minute they left she not going to see her husband again.

The same night she had a dream were she saw her husband die, and she had right, because when the men came home again after some weeks in war Jaybird wasn't with them.
But she hadn´t the time to mourned her husband more then some days before the next horrible thing happened.

The white men from the village on the other side of the lake had heard about the war and came with their army to the Indian village.
They demanded the Indians to hand out the warriors, and also the white woman (Mary) whom they had heard lived in the village.
If they didn´t leave this people to the white men before the dawn, they had promise to come back and kill them all.

The same night Mary and the warriors leaved the village with the hope that the white men now should leave them alone.
Speckled Bird had high fever, so Mary decided to leave her in the village at some friends, and she also thought she could be safer their then with her.
But she had really wrong, because whit the dawn the white men also came, and they killed everyone in the village.
Mary and the warriors who saw everything decided to get revenge, and the warriors began to follow the white men and the Indians who had been prisoners.

Mary didn't fallow them, she went down to the village and found her daughter bloody and died.
Marys heart were now broken and the White Eagle consoled her with the words that she had to go on.
So after the little ceremony she had for her daughter she decided to do what the wise man had sad and began to go on.

Instead I prayed fervently that Jaybird would stop in his own journey along the way of the dead. That the thongs of his moccasin would snap and as he bent to mend them his Speckled Bird would come to him, a quick flying thing. (page 49)

This is a sad thing! That Mary, who already had got so much sadness, now should get more.
But she decided to listen at White Eagle, and didn't fallow her daughter into the road of dead.
She knew that her husband was going the same road, as her daughter did, and hope that they should meet up and take care of each other.
Instead of crying Mary used her power to help the warriors to win the battle against the white men, and it worked very well.

Skrivet av petralundin, 2006-03-28 20:46

Again, your deep personal interest in the novel makes your comments interesting to read, Petra! One really feels for Mary and the other protagonists(main characters).

"...the men that the next day leaved the village to went out in war"
Here is 2 -vb which?


Skrivet av martinjohansson, 2006-04-18 18:09

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