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bookjournal Sorceress 170-194

The war against the white men was now over, and the Indians had lost a lot of men.
Damaged troops came everyday to the village and Mary who had a lot to do tried to help as many as she could.
For every day she got more and more worried for her son, who hadn't come back yet.
She knew that he wasn't died, but she was worried that he maybe had been a prisoner.

Some of the warriors who had come home had English prisoners with them.
Mary who knew some of the prisoners from her earlier home tried to hide for them.
But she didn't succeed so well, because one of the women, Mrs Peterson began to visit her house and ask her a lot of questions about her earlier life.
When Mrs Peterson got to know that the Indian village was Marys home she became very angry and didn't talk to her again.
Instead Mrs Peterson began to talk about Mary with the other prisoners, and they talk about her as a Witch.

Mary who now was afraid that the same fate as she already had experienced once should happen again became very glad when the Indians decided to leave the English prisoners to their people again.
But even if she had promise Ephraim that he could go back to the White men again, it was with sorrow in her heart she said goodbye to him when he went back with Mrs Peterson to the White mens' village.

But the sorrow replaced quite fast with happiness when Black Fox came home again.
Mary and her son began to build an own place to live on, and they were both happy!

One evening Ephraim came back to the village again. He had run away from Mrs Petersons' family who hadn't been nice to him.
Mary was glad that he was back, and she began to feel that her family was quite whole again.
But the winter was on its way, and also the White men. So the Indians began their second journey, this time to a safer place in a city called Missisquoi.

In another age Agnes woke up, she told the story about Mary for her Aunt, and felt asleep again...

The months of anxious waiting melted into a moment of pure gladness and I did not have to tell him how happy I was to see him back. (page 179.)

As I earlier have written, Mary have missed and been worried for her son under many months now. So now when he is back I feel relief, because I don't want Mary sad again, she had already been that too much!!!

It's also a bit scary, because he most had been the only warrior that didn't get hurt at al in the war.
Maybe it's because he is a clever warrior, or maybe it's because of Marys' power... who knows?

Skrivet av petralundin, 2006-04-01 16:22

Good for Mary to have her son back! I agree. :)

Mary seems to be a very powerful woman.


Skrivet av martinjohansson, 2006-04-18 18:32

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